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While we cannot meet in person at this time, your directors and leadership staff have decided to schedule activities for you this week to keep our family together!

Out KEYNOTE presentation will be held Monday August 3 at 2:00pm, with special guest speaker Curt Ebersole, who will be giving his great presentation called "Framing Failure with Positive Psychology" at 2:00pm. If you need a pick-me-up right now (and I know that you do, you will NOT want to miss this!

Find the schedule for the week BELOW. Zoom Codes can be found at under each event, and will be posted on our Band APP and Remind account each day.

Monday August 3:

12:00n: Rifle Class (Color Guard only)

1:00pm: Rifle Class for Beginners (Open to ANYONE!)

2:00pm: GUEST SPEAKER Mr. Curt Ebersole, giving his presentation: "Framing Failure with Positive Psychology". You won't want to miss this!!

Tuesday August 4:

2:00pm: Mallet Techniques Class (Percussion Only)

3:00pm: Turns and Tricks Class (Color Guard Only)

4:00pm: Jazz Listening Party

Wednesday August 5:

1:00pm: Ballet Dance Class (Color Guard Only)

2:00pm: Rhythm and Reading Class (Percussion Only)

4:00pm: Concert Music Listening Party (Time Changed from last week)

Thursday August 6:

11:00am: Sabre Techniques Class (Color Guard Only)

2:00pm: Introduction to Sabre Class (open to ANYONE!)

3:00pm: Percussion Techniques Class (Percussion Only)

7:00pm: PARENT INFO MEETING (information about Online procedures for the fall)

Monday August 10:

12:00pm: "Band and Color Guard in COLLEGE" session, Guest speakers: Marching Band Faculty at Florida State University! You won't want to miss this!!

2:00pm: Jazz Bands Info Meeting (Jazz Bands and interested students only)

3:00pm: Weapon Tricks Class (Color Guard only)

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