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MEDIA FEATURE: 2002 Sapier's Story

As more and more content is being added to the FALCON SOUND MEDIA GALERY we will be taking time every few days to highlight some of the incredible moments in Flanagans past. Today we will start with "SAPIER'S STORY." Thanks to former Band Director Jay Dorfman for taking the time to teach us about this amazing time in the FALCON SOUND'S HISTORY.

In 2001, the FLANAGAN MUSIC DEPARTMENT was recognized as a GRAMMY SIGNATURE SCHOOL for its excellence across the music curriculum. This distinction came with a cash prize and, based on the collaborative conversations of the music faculty, we commissioned composer BRIAN BALMAGES to write a piece that would feature students from throughout the department. The country was still reeling from the attacks of a SEPTEMBER 11, so we asked Brian to write a commemorative piece about those events that we could premier on anniversary. Brian sought out SAPIER, a young girl from New York whose poem had been featured in many news outlets, and gained exclusive rights to use the poem as the choral text. The piece was premiered on SEPTEMBER 11, 2002 in the Flanagan High School Auditorium to a capacity crowd; Sapier and her family were in the audience to hear the piece.

On a personal note, having made the phone call to commission Brian myself, this remains among the very few most meaningful events of my music teaching career. I think of it every September 11th, and often hear from alumni who participated in it about how much it meant to them. Out of great tragedy, we created something beautifully positive.

Jay Dorfman

Assistant Band Director

Flanagan Falcon Sound


September 11th 2002 - Flanagan High School Auditorium

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