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We continue to wish you safety and good health as we navigate this uncertain time. I am sure that many are feeling anxious, and have questions about what everything will look like for our organization come summer/fall.

As an opportunity for us to directly address questions and curiosities, I invite all of you to join us this Friday (4/24) at 5:00pm for an informational meeting online. While we are naming this a "Welcome" meeting for our new members and looking ahead towards next year, there are other items I would like the opportunity to discuss with you, applicable to all of the members of our Falcon Sound. This meeting will take place on the "Zoom" app, and it is open to our current students and parents, as well any incoming 9th Graders, and any prospective incoming 8th Grade Young Falcon Flyers. Please mark your calendars and spread the word to anyone interested in joining the Falcon Sound! Information on how to join the call, and how to download the Zoom application will be sent in separate communications later this week. My friends, as you are painfully aware, this is not the way we envisioned this time of the year. I share in your anxiety and frustration as we navigate these uncharted waters together. Please rest assured that your FSA Board and your directors have been working hard and thoughtfully to prepare your Falcon Sound for yet another energizing, innovative, and safe season.  While I may not have a crystal ball, I do know that we will emerge from this as a stronger, more unified, and more determined family than ever before. From the first moment I set foot on Flanagan's campus, I have been constantly reminded of the strength of character, loyalty, and resilience that runs through the veins of the Falcon Sound. Our current situation, while ill-timed, is another opportunity for us to prove the strength of our organization to the world. Please, stay safe, be smart, and we will see you on Friday.

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