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Job Descriptions


Set Up/Clean Up: Volunteers help set up and break down all event needs -tents, signage, tables, chairs, etc

Admission Tickets Sales: Friendly volunteers sell tickets to all spectators and band (put bands on wrists) of all spectators

Bake Sale: Volunteers here set up station, accept donated baked good from students and separate int individual servings. They sell baked goods, drinks and coffee throughout the day.

Band Check In: Friendly volunteers sign in all band units, distribute competition information and wristbands for units

Bus Parking: Volunteers’ direct busses to parking spots and monitor area during volunteer hours

Cafeteria: v-Volunteers will organize and distribute “Meal Deals” to units who pre-purchases meals. Based on a preset schedule, meals will be delivered from concessions for each group.

Concessions:  Concession volunteers help organize, sell and distribute food at concession stands

Equipment Truck Parking:  Volunteers man the entrance to this area to allow entrance to only equipment trucks and direct them to their assigned spot.

 Volunteers will monitor this are for the full time of their volunteer hours.

Event Entrance:  Friendly volunteers are assigned to check all spectators for admission bands and redirect those who need to purchase wristbands from Admission Ticket Booth

First Aid: Volunteers are assigned to help performers who are in need of first aid.

Food Ticket Sales: Friendly volunteers will organize and sell food tickets to performers and spectators throughout the day.

Fryer/Grill Cooks: Concession volunteers will help prepare and cooks all necessary foods for concessions.

Happy Grams/ Programs: Volunteers will set up and host the happy gram booth while periodically walking into the stadium to sell grams to parents/family/guests

Hospitality/Judges: Select volunteers will help set up breakfast, lunch and dinner while keeping hospitality suite stocked and clean.  Chairperson will need to approve volunteers.

Performance Entrance/Exit: Volunteers will monitor schedule times to allow units to enter or exit.

Performance Staging: Volunteers help organize and support unit staging near performer entrance

Spectator Parking and Aquatic:  Volunteers will welcome spectators at the aquatic center parking and direct them to the admission booth

Stadium Spectator Entrance: Volunteers check each guest for a wristband and make sure no one enters with any bags, coolers or duffle bags.

T-Shirts: Volunteers help the Volunteer Coordinator pass out t-shirts to volunteers and receive them back to check in.

Volunteer Check In and Out: Volunteers here will greet, sign in, sign out, create service hour form for volunteer’s student and stay at booth during their shift.

Water Station: At water station volunteers will distribute and maintain water for performers.

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